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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mail Art

Oh How I LOVE mail art..I know you have heard me say that before..But it's true I love it!!! Mail Art is one of my MANY passions..We are going to be starting a new exchange on Monday and I want to invite anyone that reads my blog to come join us. If you have always wanted to try it now is your chance.Don't be afraid some of the most beautiful mail arts I have seen are from girls stitching their first envelope.There is a button on the right side of my blog that says stitchers of mail art just click on it and it will take you to our group..Hope to see you there..


diamondc said...

I have never tried mail art but am willing to give it a try.

Thank-you for offering thgis lovely idea.

connie said...

Come on over we would love to have you.I will be giving out names on Monday and the mailing date will be November 5

Meari said...

I'd join, but.... I already belong *big grin*