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Monday, January 9, 2012

True Virtue

This is a beautiful sampler published in Just Cross Stitch April 1997.
I don"t remember when I started this piece but it has sat idle to long.My one stitching goal this year is to finish this sampler.Joanie did you ever finish yours?
I will be posting updates every Monday till it is completed..


diamondc said...

In still like all the old patterns I think some of them are making a big comeback.
Lovely start.

Joanie said...

Oh Connie, no I never finished it but it's on my list for 2012 which I've dedicated to Wipbusting! Right now, I have a Prairie Schooler going and a Merrily Beams that is 1/2 done. True Virtue is the 3rd on the list. Maybe this year, we can finish together, what do you say??

connie said...

Yes Joanie I would love to finish True Virtue with you..If I remember right you were further along than me

Siobhán said...

Oh, what a sweet sampler! Nice work, Connie!

Meari said...

Ooh, that will be beautiful. You can finish it in 2012... Yes, you can!

eszter said...

Wow, this sampler is beautiful!