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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My lovely Border

I hated to see the border finished in a way.Sitting on the couch stitching it brought me so much joy and happiness..I was in such a peaceful zone as I stitched in my own little world.I will always have good memories when I look at this sampler..
I posted 2 pictures because I couldn't decide which was the better picture..Decisions,decisions I always have a tough time making them no matter how small they are.
I may not get a lot stitched for my next monthly update.The weather here has been so nice so we spend a lot of time outside.My pear tree and apple trees are in bloom and they all smell so good..We have several birdhouses and the birds are getting their houses ready for their babies..Some of my spring flowers are in bloom and I go out every day several times a day to look at them..I LOVE SPRING!! It is my favorite time of the year.I am wishing you all a great day and month and I hope you have some pretty flowers to make you smile too.


Julianne said...


So glad to hear how much you have been enjoying the piece. It is really lovely.

Yes, I love all the wonderful springtime fragrances. I am out walking my dogs a couple times a day and I just stop and breathe in the scents.

Brigitte said...

This border looks really great. Looking forward to seeing the next progress picture of this piece.