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Sunday, February 28, 2010

sick of snow here

I needed to change the picture at the top but couldn't post one of all the snow we's just to depressing to me..14 inches this weekend.Looking out my window of snow covered everything is getting to be more than I can take.This has went on for to long now..enough is enough..

I have mail art I need to post and just can't seem to get with much time stuck inside makes Connie a very dull and unhappy girl..Hope everyone else is coping well with the winter weather..


Siobhan said...

Connie, it was good to see a post from you! I hope you'll show your mail art soon, and that spring comes to your part of the world soon, too!

Brigitte said...

Hi Connie, good tro see you back to blogging. I love the new header very much as I love birds. Today I had to get out the bird seeds again as we got around the same amount of new snow as you during last night. And it's still snowing ...