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Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Darlin

Here's little darlin..Her name was Angel when I got her but I had to change her name because she is not an Angel but a little darlin..I have probably had her for 2 years..My girlfriend got this bird from her neighbor to breed with her parakeet..It didn't work out because little darlin was mean to her bird blue boy so she asked me if I wanted her..I thought sure although I had never owned a bird before..I feel so sad for little darlin as she has no life being in this cage day in and day out..I can't take her out and fool with her because Merriweather is so jealous..I do let her out of her cage every so often so she can fly around the house and stretch her wings..I take the top off her cage and she will fly to her cage when she is ready to go home..I will never own another bird..I think it is cruel for these little things to spend their lives in a cage..I wish so much that I could set her free but that can't be as she would never survive..I take her outside when the weather is nice and that is where she is in this picture..I wish that I could find her a loving home where she could be handled..I have had plenty of people that wanted her but there is no way that I will give her to someone just to get rid of her..

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mainely stitching said...

We have Gilbert, a ring-necked parakeet, and he lives in a very large cage in the middle of our living room with occassional flights around the downstairs of our house. I don't feel sorry for him, and I doubt very much that he feels sorry for himself. He gets new toys regularly, and we all talk to him throughout the day. He has a satisfying relationship with our dogs (who he loves to tease) and our cat (who he thinks he's in love with). He's very much a part of our family and we love him very much. Is it sad to spend his life in a big cage? No sadder than it is for our dogs to spend their lives in our house with daily walks on a leash. We all live confined areas, people included, and simply have an illusion of freedom. Gilbert's illusion is sufficient for him and he really is a happy, noisy, featherbaby.