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Monday, November 24, 2008

True Virtue Sampler by Janie Appelbaum

Awhile back I seen on Joanie's blog that she wanted to stitch this piece and she posted a picture..I had forgot about this sampler that I had started so many years ago..I don't know why I put this down..Its a beautiful sampler and I still love it..So this morning I decided to dig this out and find the chart..When you are as organized as I am this can take hours sometimes as my stitching stuff is in many rooms and drawers..I hope someday to have my own little stitching room and at least keep everything in one place..
Well this is my new project for now..I will try and keep you updated on my progress..My son is home from college for thanksgiving break so we are enjoying him..Since he started college we don't get to see him very often..Hope everyone is having a great day with lots of stitching..


Joanie said...

HI! I started this sampler but didn't get real far. It's too beautiful to be a UFO. Wanna SAL? Also, if you are using DMC there is a symbol on the chart that's not on the thread list. Could you let me know what colors you are using? Thanks!

connie said...

Hi Joanie yes I would love to do a sal with true virtue..I had the house all stitched except for 3 rows on the right side of the house..After I stitched them I noticed there was a slight difference in the thread color so I ripped it all out and I have started the house again..It wasn't a big difference but it was enough to bother me..

I am using DMC ..Are you talking about the O for the house as the missing is 3772..

Thanks Joanie..Connie

mainely stitching said...

This certainly looks lovely!